Oak Park Trash Bin Cleaning



$30 per bin
$225 per dumpster
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$30 per bin
$225 per dumpster
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$65 per bin
$300 per dumpster

Looking for an exceptional trash bin cleaning service in Oak Park CA?

The cleanest and most sanitary trash bins are handled by Wash Bins.

No, really – our trash bin cleaning is so impressive that you could even eat off of your garbage can after we’re done with it.

(Although, we do use sanitizers and chemicals to disinfect, so we don’t advise that.)

Our innovative, state-of-the-art truck disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes your trash bins curbside, so you never have to worry about a smelly, unattractive trash bin sitting outside your home.

It makes us and your property look bad, if we don’t do our job like we said we would.

Wash Bins guarantees a spotless garbage can, because we’re the trash bin cleaners who care about our service and promise to give you our full efforts, every time.

Oak Park Garbage Bin Cleaning Service

The technology that we use to get your trash bin as clean as possible makes our lives (and yours) very simple and easy.

There’s a reason why we’re the #1 garbage can cleaning service in the Oak Park area, and it’s because we know how to do our job well by keeping our clients happy and satisfied.

Our garbage bin cleaning process is straightforward.

Wash Bins’ cleaning truck pulls up curbside to your Oak Park home, and lifts your trash bin onto our truck where our technician manually cleans the outside of the bin.

While the exterior of the garbage bin is being entirely cleaned, our specialized truck sprays water inside the bin at a 360-degree rotation for one minute.

The cleaning solution that we use kills all the harmful germs, bacteria and odors to leave you with a garbage bin that’s looking as good as new.

When the process is finished and the can is released from our truck, your garbage bin will be steaming and gleaming from the deep clean.

Wash Bins does one final rinse to ensure that all the excess grime, dirt and dust is off, then your clean trash bin is left curbside for you to stow away until we see you again next week.

An unparalleled, on-site trash bin cleaning service that you can’t find just anywhere, Wash Bins is revolutionizing sanitation and garbage bin cleaning all over California.

If you’re in or around any of these areas, contact us for our wash bin cleaning today!