frequently asked questions

Why should I have my trash bins cleaned?


It is the best and most convenient way to disinfect, sanitize and deodorize your trash bins. We reduce odors, eliminate filth and germs, and remove flies, maggots and spiders. We leave them looking and smelling great!


How does the trash bin cleaning service work?


Our trash bin cleaning service comes to your house the day after trash collection day. We will service your bins on site monthly, quarterly or one time depending on the frequency you sign up for. 


  • Leave your bins curbside between 7am-7pm on your designated cleaning day.

  • Our state-of-the-art truck will clean, sanitize and deodorize your bins.

  • We will tag the bins with our custom stickers on the front when we have completed the job. 


If it is not possible to leave your bins at the curb, they should be visible from the street and readily accessible.


How often should my bins be sanitized?


For the most effective results, we strongly recommend sanitizing your bins on a regular basis, either monthly or quarterly. We do our best to clean your bins each time but it may take a few cleanings to effectively remove grime, build up and other substances. 


How much does it cost and when will I be charged?


Monthly Service 

  • $20 per bin

  • This is a recurring charge, you will be charged on the day you sign up and on the 1st of the month after that.

  • 3 month minimum contract.


Quarterly Service ​

  • $25 per bin

  • This is a recurring charge, you will be charged on the day you sign up and the 1st of the month on your quarterly service month.


One Time Service​

  • $65 per bin

  • This is a one time charge, you will be charged on the day you sign up.


When I sign up, when will you clean my trash bins?

You will receive a welcome email within 24 hours from signing up notifying you of your start date and other details. For your convenience, we do provide a courtesy email reminder the day before your service and a text message the morning of service so you can plan accordingly. 


Do I have to sign up ALL of my trash bins? And, can I alternate or rotate bins each cleaning cycle?

We have a 2 bin minimum but strongly recommend signing up all your bins to be cleaned. Any additional bins besides the number you signed up for that are left curbside on service day will be cleaned and added to your account unless specified before signing up. No bin swapping, if you alternate or rotate bins, they will be cleaned and added to your account as well. Each bin has its own identification number.


What happens if I want to add more bins to my service?

Either call or email with the information and we will update your account to the new number of bins.


What if my HOA will not allow my bins out past trash collection day?

There are two possible solutions:

  • You can leave your trash bins up by the garage, the side of the house, or anywhere where we can reasonably have access to them without needing to walk inside an enclosure. We will return them to that same spot when we finish our work. For safety reasons we do not go behind closed/locked gates.

  • You can give us the contact information to the HOA Board and/or Manager and we will communicate with them about our service. Many HOA’s will work with us once they understand our service and the benefits to the community.  HOA’s do ask us to serve their entire community and we are happy to do so at discounted rates.


What if I am away and cannot have my empty trash bins available to you on my service day?

Call or email us in advance of your cleaning day and we will not charge you for that month, skip your cleaning, and see you the following designated day. Unfortunately, if you do not notify us and we go to provide the service, your card will still be charged.


What if I forget when my scheduled cleaning day is?


Email or call 833-WASHBINS (833-927-4246) and we will reply with your next cleaning date.


It is your responsibility to have your trash bins out for cleaning. We do provide a service reminder the day before as well as the day of as a courtesy. Please notify us if you are not receiving the reminders or would like to change/add a phone or email notification. Since the reminders are a courtesy and it is your responsibility to have the trash bins available for cleaning, if we go to provide the service and your trash bins are not available, your card will still be charged.


How will I know when my trash bins have been cleaned and it is OK to bring them inside?


Sometimes we service your empty bins early in the day but need to come back later in the day to service the remaining bins depending on the trash and recycling pickup schedule. We ask that you leave the bins curbside 7am-7pm so that we can come back if we need to.


You will see our “Wash Bins Trash Bin Cleaning Service” sticker on the front of the bins indicating we have completed the job.


Can I expect the driver to knock on my door if my bins are not out?


First, you do not have to be home to receive this service. As a courtesy, we send an email reminder the day before service and a text reminder the morning of service so that you can plan accordingly. However, it is your responsibility to have your trash bins available for servicing. Please do not rely on the driver to knock on your door as it is not currently part of our service. 

Natural Disasters and State Emergencies

In the event of a natural disaster or state emergency your scheduled cleaning will be moved to the following week or next available date allowed. We will notify you via email and text to confirm the scheduled appointment.